Noctuidae - Acontiinae - Pseudalypia

The only species known in the genus Pseudalypia is P. crotchii and is so different from other acontiines that it was described in the Agaristinae. The moth is unmistakable
and is reminiscent of an arctiine because of the contrasting orange prothoracic collar. The male genitalia are most similar to those of Spragueia, but the valves are almost bilaterally symmetrical, except for the larger ampulla on the right valve. The vesica has two large subapical diverticula covered with spines. The female genitalia are similar to those of Tarache and have a large sclerotized appendix
bursae that extends anteriorly part way down the right side of the corpus bursae.

Pseudalypia crotchii has been reared from Malvastrum exile and M. parviflora in the family Malvaceae.

Pseudalypia crotchii