Noctuidae - Acontiinae




Ponometia megocula (Smith)

Tornacontia megocula Smith, 1900, Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc., 27:58.

Diagnosis: Ponometia megocula has a white ground color, but the whole wing is heavily suffused with brown-gray. The antemedial line is a slanting, weak white line and the orbicular is a small black spot, weakly surrounded by white. The reniform is also ovate, distinct, filled with brown-gray. The subterminal line is white and straight except for a slight angle just before the apex. The hindwing is a dull yellow-white. Wing expanse from base to apex in one selected individual 19 mm.

Distribution: (Based only on specimens in the USNM). This species occurs in the southwestern United States from Arizona in the east to central and southern California in the west.

Identification Quality: Good

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown

Distribution map based on specimens in the USNM

Ponometia megocula

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