Noctuidae - Acontiinae



Ponometia new species 3

Diagnosis: This presumably new species of Ponometia is a member of the tortricina species group. The forewing is relatively more triangular and broader than tortricina. The forewing color is a pure yellow with a slightly orange tint. The forewing lacks the green tint of tortricina. All maculation is absent except for minute black dots representing the orbicular and reniform. The outer margin is suffused with a narrow band of brown. Forewing expanse from base to apex --- mm. in one selected individual.

Distribution: (Based only on material in the USNM). This species is known only from Inyo County in California.

Identification Quality: Fair to Poor. The relationships and species limits of the members of the tortricina species group are in bad need of clarification. Althought superficially distinct from tortricina, there are no obvious differences in the male genitalia. The best differences between species, however, are in the female genitalia. The female genitalia of this new species have not yet been examined.

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown

Distribution map based on specimens in the USNM


Ponometia new species 3

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