Noctuidae - Acontiinae



Spragueia funeralis Grote

Spragueia funeralis Grote, 1881, Papilio, 1:158.

Diagnosis: The background color the forewing is hoary gray. There are two prominent, broad bands of yellow representing the antemedial and postmedial lines. Each of these lines has a small amount of orange shading. There is also a prominent yellow, vaguely quadrate patch between the postmedial line and the apex of the wing. The costal end of postmedial band is weakly bifid. The hind wing is uniformly dull gray-brown. The dorsum of the thorax is gray. The abdomen is weakly banded with dull yellow. Wing length from base to apex in one selected individual 8 mm.

Distribution: (Based only on specimens in the USNM). Spragueia funeralis is known from southeastern Arizona and southeastern California.

Identification Quality: Good

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown

Distribution map based on specimens in the USNM

Spragueia funeralis


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