Noctuidae - Acontiinae






Spragueia jaguaralis Hampson

Spragueia jaguaralis Hampson, 1910, Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalaenae in the British Museum, 10:673, pl. 169, fig. 6.

Diagnosis: Sexual dimorphism in Spragueia jaguaralis is present, but weak relative to some other species in the genus. The basal area of the male is yellow tinged with orange-brown. The antemedial line is followed by a broad lead gray band. The postmedial line is largely apparent because of two yellow lunules arising from the bottom of the reniform and running to the inner margin. The top of the medial area is yellow-white, and the bottom, aside from the lead gray band is orange-brown. The lower half of the subterminal ara is lead gray. The fringe is lead gray in color. The hindwing is a light gray-brown. The female is similar to the male. However the lead gray areas are more prominent, extensive, and ligther in color. The hindwing is darker than that of the male. Wing length from base to apex in one selected individual 8 mm.

Distribution: (Based only on specimens in the USNM). This species is so far limited to Texas.

Identification Quality: Good

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown

Spragueia jaguaralis

Spragueia jaguaralis is most likely to be confused with Spragueia obatra. Spragueia obatra is much more washed out in appearance with the lead gray areas of the forewing much less pure lead-gray. The light markings along the forewing costa are not nearly as bright.

Similar Species

Spragueia obatra male

Spragueia obatra female