Noctuidae - Acontiinae




Acontia behrii (Smith), NEW COMBINATION

Acontia behrii Smith, 1900, Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc., 27:76.

Diagnosis: Although it looks like many other acontiines, Acontia behrii is easily identified. The forewing color is a slightly brownish white. But more specifically there is a distinctive violet eye-like structure along the outer margin of the postmedial line near the outer angle of the wing. This eye-like structure contains an off center black spot. The postmedial line is double in its lower half, but a single reddish-brown line in it upper half. The inner side of the postmedial line is margined with a wide gray-brown band. Wing expanse from base to apex in one selected individual 10 mm.

Distribution: (Based only on material lin the USNM). Acontia behrii is found in southern and central Arizona. It has also been collected in the Big Bend region of Texas.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown

Distribution map based on specimens in the USNM

Acontiinae New Genus 1 behrii

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