Noctuidae - Acontiinae




Acontia new species 2

Diagnosis: This new species of Acontia is superficially nearly identifical to Acontia chea. However it is a much smaller species with a wing expanse from base to apex in one selected individual 11 mm. compared to 14 mm for Acontia chea. The forewing is a slightly yellowish-white. There is a large gray-brown patch at the base of the forewing an a small gray-brown line near the position of the reniform. The orbicular and reniform are absent. The postmedial line and the dark shade following it are nearly straight and not as s-shaped as in chea. There is a small rusty-brown patch at the apex with violet scaling in it. The hindwing is a dingy white.

Distribution: (Based only on material in the USNM). This species occurs in southeastern, western Texas, and southeastern New Mexico. Acontia new species 2 also occurs in northeastern Mexico.

Identification Quality: Good.

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: A series of specimens in the USNM was reared from Abutilon pedunculare (Malvaceae)

Distribution map based on specimens in the USNM

Acontia new species 2

Acontia chea is superficially similar to Acontia new species 2. Acontia new species 2 is a smaller species (forewing expanse 11 mm rather than the 14 mm. of chea. The dark markings around the forewing postmedial line are straighter and grayer than those of Acontia chea. The male genitalia of the two species are distinctive, particularly in the left valve (in the orientation of the photographs).

Similar Species

Acontia chea