Noctuidae - Agaristinae - Caularis




Caularis Walker

Caularis Walker, [1858] 1857, List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum, 12:800.
Type species: Caularis undulans Walker by monotypy.

Caularis is an Antillean genus of three species; Caularis undulans Walker 1858 from Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Saint Barthelemy (a small island near Anguilla located east of the Virgin Islands), C. lunata Hampson 1904 from the Bahamas, Cuba and the Florida Keys, and C. jamaicensis Todd 1966 from Jamaica. Caularis is most closely related to Neotuerta and Euscirrhopterus.

The genus Caularis is characterized by:

1. Male antenna bipectinate.

2. Male clasper of Caularis short and hooking upward toward the costal margin of the valve.

3. Juxta consisting of two rectangular bands.

4. Corona of valve absent.

5. Frontal process present, a cylindrical to conical process with its upper margin slanting slightly upward, its apex a small, round circle.

The foodplants and larva are unknown.

Included Species

Caularis lunata