Noctuidae - Agaristinae - Eudryas


Male aedoeagus


Eudryas Boisduval

Eudryas Boisduval, 1836, Historie Naturelles des Insectes. Species General des Lépidoptéres, 1:4(plate explanation).
Type species: Euthisanotia unio Hübner by monotypy.

Cyphocampa Harris, 1869, in Scudder, Occ. Papers Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., 1:138.
Type species: Bombyx grata Fabricius by monotypy.

Parathisanotia Kiriakoff, 1977, Das Tierreich, 99:76.
Type species: Bombyx grata Fabricius by original designation.

Eudryas is a distinctive genus apparently most closely related to Xerociris and Gerra. The most characteristic feature of the three known species the genus is the curious structure of the male aedoeagus.

  1. Aedoeagal shaft of male genitalia consisting of a basal portion with two very long, thin, curved projections; one projection arises from the middle of the broad portion of the aedoeagal shaft and the other is the modified apical portion of the aedoeagal shaft with a minute opening at its apex where the vesica arises; vesica presumably very small, but impossible to evert.
  2. Frontal process of head present, but variable between species; frontal process in the type species (unio) a strong conical projection with a minute and poorly developed apical ring, the lower margin of ring projecting as a nose sharped structure.
  3. Mesoscutum with elongate, rectangular, slightly metallic scales, formed into a caudal ridge overlapping a massive mesoscutellar tuft of curled, elongate, slightly metallic scales.
  4. Male abdomen with a large tuft of curled, slightly metallic scales on tergum one, with decreasingly smaller tufts on terga two and three.
  5. Male valve with clasper rotated downward and outward (in the orientation of figure), appearing as a projection of the sacculus.
  6. Female ductus bursae very long and very thin; corpus bursae round to ovate, extremely membranous; ductus seminalis arising from the caudal end and no distinct appendix bursae present.
  7. Larvae feeding on species of Vitaceae and Onagraceae.


Included Species

Eudryas unio

Eudryas grata

Eudryas new species 1