Noctuidae - Agaristinae - Neotuerta






Neotuerta Kiriakoff

Neotuerta Kiriakoff, 1977, Das Tierreich, 99:63.
Type species: Agarista sabulosa Felder by original designation.

Only a single North America species of Neotuerta is known; Neotuerta hemicycla Hampson from the Bahamas, Cuba, and extreme southern Florida. Neotuerta is probably most closely related to Euscirrhopterus and Caularis.

1. Male and female antennae simple.

2. The clasper of the male genitalia very long and paralleling the saccular margin of the valve.

3. First abdominal segment with a strong tear-drop shaped bulla behind the hood.

4. Front elongate-rectangular in female, noticeably constricted in male between the eyes.

5. Frontal process present, a elongate, cylindrical structure with a flat, round apex, located in lower one-fifth of front; palpi oriented parallel to the axis of the frontal process, not curved inward at front.

6. Female genitalia very simple; ovipositor lobes, large, spiney, but weakly sclerotized; ovipositor neck very short; eighth abdominal segment with a ventral depression; ostium at the cephalad end of this depression, largely defined by a membranous cup or cylindrical opening; ostium usually with a lateral-rectangular sclerotized band; ductus bursae elongate, membranous; corpus bursae elongate, membranous, without signa; appendix bursae absent or very small, arising from near the junction of the corpus and ductus bursae.


Included Species


Neotuerta hemicycla male (left) and female (right)