Noctuidae - Agaristinae - New Genus 1




Agaristinae New Genus 1

"Alypia of Authors"

This New Genus contains two species currently placed in the genus Alypia; Agaristinae New Genus 1 mariposa and Agaristinae New Genus 1 ridingsii. The most distinctive morphological feature separating the species of Mew Genus 1 from those of Alypia are the hairy eyes of New Genus 1. These hairs are long and easily seen. Shorter, less noticeable hairs are found in the genus Alypiodes. The defining characters of agaristinae New Genus 1 are:

1. Eyes hairy.

2. Clasper of male genitalia valve arising from near the base of the valve (The clasper in Alypia arises about one-half to two-thirds of the distance from the base).

3. The round, basket-shaped ring about the ostium typical of Alypia and several other agaristid genera is absent. Instead the interior of the ostium and the upper half of the ductus bursae and modified into a series of sclerotized convolutions.

4. Antennae simple, with apical segments not forming a distinct club.

5. Eyes reduced in size by about one-third to one-half.

Larva feeding on species of Onagraceae

Included Species

"Alypia" mariposa

"Alypia" ridingsii