Noctuidae - Agaristinae - Psychomorpha




Psychomorpha Harris

Psychomorpha Harris, 1839, Amer. J. Sci. Arts, 36:319.
Type species: Phalaena epimenis Drury by monotypy.

The genus Psychomorpha contains the single species epimenis, a spring day flying noctuid found in the eastern half of the United States except for the far north of the country. The larva of Psychomorpha epimenis feeds on species of grape and the genus is apprently most closely related to Alypia and Eupseudomorpha. The distinctive coloration and maculation, the greatly reduced size, the conical front of the head, the pectinate male antennae, and the greatly reduced eye will immediately distinguish this species from any other North American noctuid.

1. Male antenna bipectinate.

2. Eyes small, reduced by about one-half and with wide, clear, shiney areas between the front and the anterior margin of the eye, and a wide occiput.

3. Front of head conical.

4. Abdominal terga and sterna heavily melanized.

The larva has been reared from species of the grape genus Vitis.


Included Species

Psychomorpha epimenis