Noctuidae - Condicinae - Condicini


Condica sutor

Ogdoconta cinereola

Homophoberia cristata

Condica sutor male and female genitalia


The following are the most diagnostic of these characters:

1. The direct articulation of the vinculum and tegumen of the male genitalia and the absence of a free pleurite between them.

2. The bullae to either side of the base of the male uncus.

3. The absence of a corona and digitus and the perpendicular orientation of the clasper of the valve.

4. The presence of lateral apodemes on the eighth abdominal sternite.

5. The bulbous female appendix bursae connected to the rest of the bursae by a long, thin neck.

6. The presence of seta SV2 on the first larval abdominal segment and the absence of a projecting spinneret.

7. The absence of a corona at the apex of the valve of the male genitalia.

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Checklist of the Species of the Condicini