Noctuidae - Condicinae - Condicini - Homophoberia


Homophoberia cristata

Male Genitalia

Female Genitalia



Homophoberia Morrison

Homophoberia Morrison, 1875, Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist., 18:125.

Neoerastria McDunnough, 1937, Canad. Ent., 69:64.

The genus Homophoberia contains two species, cristata and apicosa. Superficially the two are quite similar, but there are several noteable differences between the two of them. First the male antenna of cristata is bipectinate, but that of apicosa is simple. Perhaps the most significant difference is in the foodplants of the two species. Homophoberia cristata feeds on the leaves and fruits of the yellow pond lily (Nuphar luteum). In contrast apicosa feeds on smartweed (Polygonum). This genus has been placed in the old subfamily "Acontiinae". My best guess is that Homophoberia is a member of the Condicinae. The tegumen articulates directly with the vinculum and the valve has the general configuration of Condica. All of the abdominal prolegs are present. On the other hand there are also some differences. In particular the larval setae SV2 is absent on abdominal segment one is absent, a feature of both Condica and Ogdoconta and postulated to be a feature of the subfamily. Also the spinneret is elongate and clearly present, but is reduced to a small scale in both Condica and Ogdoconta. The evidence, therefore, is still equivocal and the position of Homophoberia is not entirely clear.

Included Species

Homophoberia cristata

Homophoberia apicosa