Noctuidae - Cuculliinae






Cucullia comstocki (McDunnough)

Rancora comstocki McDunnough, 1937, Canad. Ent., 69:77.

Diagnosis: Cucullia comstocki closely resembles serraticornis. The characters used to separate the two are given under serraticornis. Wing length from base to apex: mean = 20.82 mm., standard deviation = 0.93 mm., n = 10.

Distribution: This species occurs in the California Mohave Desert region. It is found in a restricted area including Los Angeles County, north into Kern and Santa Barbara Counties, and southward into San Diego and Riverside Counties. The species does not seem to occur in the southeastern regions of California.
The life history and foodplants are unknown.

Adults have been collected from December to February.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown

Cucullia comstocki



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