Noctuidae - Cuculliinae




Cucullia styx Poole

Cucullia styx Poole, 1995, Moths of America North of Mexico, 26.1: 48, pl. 1, figs. 28, 29 adults, plate C, figs. 12, 13 male genitalia, plate H, fig 3 female genitalia.

Diagnosis: Cucullia styx is a primarily Mexican species occurring as far north as the Chiricahua and Huachuca Mountains of southern Arizona. This species looks like a dark, smoky gray variation of speyeri and it could be a much darker, highly disjunct race of speyeri. There are no significant differences in either the male or female genitalia between the two species. I have concluded that styx is a distinct species because of the highly disjunct ranges, the significant superficial differences in appearance, and the different ecological provinces.

Distribution: This species is known from the Chiricahua and Huachuca Mountains in southeastern Arizona. It also occurs in the Federal District of Mexico. Presumably styx occurs throughout most of northern and central Mexico.

Adults have been collected in June, July, and August in the United States.

Identification Quality: Excellent.

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown

Cucullia styx

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