Noctuidae - Cuculliinae




Dolocucullia minor (Barne 1913

Cucullia minor Barnes and McDunnough, 1913, Contrib. Nat. Hist. Lep. N. Am., 2(3):110, pl. 5, fig. 5.

Diagnosis: Dolocucullia minor bears a superficial similarity to Cucullia incresa with its white male hindwings and pointed, smooth, dark gray forewing. This species is the most abberant member of Dolocucullia and perhaps warrants its own generic name. The male vesica is basically like that of dentilinea, but the clasper is single and is situated more toward the middle of the valve. The clasper is closer to the ventral edge of the valve in dentilinea. Wing length from base to apex: mean = 15.40 mm., standard deviation = 0.64 mm., n = 10.

Distribution: This species has been collected in western Texas, southern New Mexico, and southern Arizona but is best represented by specimens from southwestern Texas. Females are darker than males and the outer margin of the hindwing usually has a black tinge in females.

Adults have been collected in May June and August September indicating possibly two broods.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown

Dolocucullia minor

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