Noctuidae - Cuculliinae - Emariannia


Emarriania cucullidea


Emariannia Benjamin

Emariannia Benjamin, 1933, Pan Pacific Ent., 9:2.

Emariannia is the third and last of the group of three genera with sclerotized nodules in the vesica of the male aedoeagus. In many ways it may be the most unusual. The following set of characters should identify it:

1) The eyes are lashed.

2) A strong tubular frontal process is present.

3) The prothoracic tibiae do not have an apical claw.

4) the forewings are elongate.

The most unusual features are found in the male vesica. Specifically the sclerotized nodules are present, but the vesica is longer than in Dolocucullia and Opsigalea. Minute denticules are present in the vesica which may be the remnants of the original spines. Assuming, as I have, that an elongate spiney vesica is primitive for the Cuculliinae, this genus would appear to have retained more primitive characters than any other in the subfamily. The external structure of the tympanic region is not significantly different from that of Cucullia. Another interesting feature of the single species of the genus is found in the female genitalia. The eighth sternite of the female is entire beneath the ostium and not membranous as it is in almost all other genera of the subfamily.

The early stages are unknown.

Included Species

Emariannia cucullidea