Noctuidae - Psaphidinae - Nocloini - Nocloini New Genus 1

Nocloini New Genus 1 tripuncta

Male Genitalia

Female Genitalia

Nocloini New Genus 1

Nocloini New Genus 1 is a monotypic genus containing the single species Nocloini New Genus 1 tripuncta (Barnes and McDunnough). The single species is cream-white in color and almost all of the maculation is obscure.

1) The characteristic prothoracic tarsal segments will immediately identify the species as a member of the Nocloini.

2) The frontal process of the head is unique within the tribe. The outer ring is round, well developed, and nearly complete except for a narrow indentation and interruption along the ventral margin. The central process is a vertical ridge stretching from the top of the outer ring to the lower margin.

3) The male vesica has a short, narrow basal neck followed by a ovate swelling tapering the its apex. The spine-like cornuti are arranged in two irregular groups, not in the parallel rows found commonly else where in the tribe.

4) The most distinctive feature of the female genitalia is the the massively hairy ovipositor neck. The corpus bursae is elongate, not triangular, and the ductus seminalis is located at the cephalad end of the bursa.

Nocloini New Genus 1 is most likely to be confused with another monotypic genus Nocloini New Genus 4. The frontal process of Nocloini New Genus 4 is laterally elongate and filled in without a separate outer ring and central prominence. The lateral spines of the prothoracic tarsal segments of Nocloini New Genus 4 are greatly enlarged, almost blade-like. These spines are not enlarged or particularly noticeable in Nocloini New Genus 1.

The single species of the genus is known only from Arizona. The larva and its foodplants are unknown.

Included Species

Nocloini New Genus 1 tripuncta