Noctuidae - Psaphidinae - Nocloini

Nocloini New Genus 4 pura

Nocloini New Genus 4

Nocloini New Genus 4 contains the single species New Genus 4 (Barnes and McDunnough). The genus is readily identifiable by two superficial characters:

1) The frontal process consists of a solid triangular projection. This triangular process is similar to that of Phaioecia. Other characters, particularly of the female genitalia, do not indicate any particular relationship between the two genera, however.

2) The second distinctive feature of Nocloini New Genus 4 is the presence of a row of large spines along the outer margin of the prothoracic tarsal segments. Four spines exist on the first tarsal segment and segments two through four have one spine each. These enlarged spines occur elsewhere in the Noctuidae, such as the genera Pseudohadena Alpheraky (mostly Palearctic), Copitarsia Hampson (Neotropical), Mycteroplus Herrich-Schäffer (Palearctic), and Hemioslaria Barnes and Benjamin (Nearctic). These four genera, however, have the enlarged spines restricted to the first tarsal segment and even among themselves do not otherwise seem particularly related to each other. The function of this comb of enlarged setae is unknown.

3) The forewing of the single included species is rounded, off-white in color, and nearly lacking in maculation except for a series of small black dots representing the postmedial and antemedial lines.

The larva and its foodplants are unknown.

Included Species

Nocloini New Genus 4 pura