Noctuidae - Psaphidinae - Nocloini




Nocloini New Genus 1 tripuncta Barnes and McDunnough

"Lythrodes tripuncta"

Lythrodes tripuncta Barnes and McDunnough, 1911, Canad. Ent., 43: 319.

Diagnosis: New Genus 1 tripuncta is readily recognized by the shape of the frontal process of the head with its vertical ridge and well developed outer ring. The forewing is off-white. The most distinctive forewing maculation is the presence of three dark dots in the discal cell, one in the position of the oribicular spot and the other two at either end of the reniform mark. These three spots are the source of the specific epithet tripuncta. The basal line is absent. The antemedial and postmedial lines are irregular dull yellow lines. A medial line is present, but weak. The subterminal line is marked by a broad band of dull yellow and another broad band occurs between the position of the subterminal line and the outer margin. None of these lines or bands contrast with the off-white coloration of the forewing. The hindwing is dull white without maculation of any kind. Wing length: mean = 13.01 mm, standard deviation = 0.63, n = 10.

Adults have been collected in August and September.

Distribution: This species is known only from Santa Cruz, Pima, and Navajo counties in Arizona and from southwestern Texas. Forewing maculation varies slightly in distinctiveness.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown

Nocloini New Genus 0001 tripuncta

This species is mostly likely to be confused with New Genus 4 pura. The three distinct dots on the forewing of tripuncta are usually specific. The basic coloration of both species is off white. The frontal process of pura does not have a distinct outer ring and central prominence. Instead the frontal prominence consists of a solid, lateral ovate structure. The prothoracic tarsal segments of pura have a series of enlarged spines along the outer margins of the tarsal segments. Enlarged setae are absent in Nocloini New Genus 1 tripuncta. The antemedial and postmedial lines of pura consists of a series of black dots. These dots are absent in tripuncta. Finally the characteristic three dark spots of tripuncta are absent in pura.

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