Noctuidae - Psaphidinae - Triocnemidini


Triocnemidini New Genus 2

This genus contains the single species Triocnemidini New Genus 2 primula, previously placed in Oncocnemis.

1) The eyes are lashed from base of the antenna, and less strongly so along the back margin of the eye.

2) The foretibial claw is strong with the claw proceeded proximally by a small secondary claw. The claw is continued as a knife shaped rounded ridge up the distal side of the tibia.

3) The male valve is simple with a relatively small clasper. A corona is absent but the apices of the valves are heavily covered with spines.

4) The vesica of the aedoeagus has two massive, parallel rows of spines. There is no apical spine, and a small basal group of spines is present.

The larva and its foodplants is unknown.

Included species

Triocnemidini New Genus 2 primula