Noctuidae - Psaphidinae - Triocnemidini


Oyxcnemis Grote

Oxycnemis Grote, 1882, Can. Ent., 14: 182.
Type species: Oxycnemis advena Grote, 1882. Monotypy.

Oxycnemis is a genus of small gray species from the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Although the genus is superficially quite unlike the other species placed in the tribe, morphologically it has all the salient characteristics. In particular the structure of the spiracle is as in the tribe. The male genitalia are merely a small version of Triocnemis lacking a corona and with the clasper greatly reduced in size. The external tympanic regionhas a large bulla following the hood as in Triocnemis. The salient features of the genus are:

1) The eyes are naked without lashes either from the base of the antenna or from the rear margin of the eye.

2) The prothoracic leg tibial claw is extremely strong arising from a large plate but without a backward projecting secondary claw.

3) The male eighth tergum is enlarged and heavily sclerotized.

4) The male genitalia are simplified. The clasper of the valve is small to nearly absent; corona absent.

5) The vesica of the aedoeagus is about twice as long as wide with two rows of spines. The smaller row of spines is imbedded in a rugose area as in the Nocloini.

6) The ductus bursae of the female genitalia is about six times as long as wide and unmodified. The busae is unilobed and the corpus bursae has a single wide pleated band.

The larva and its foodplants is unknown.

Included Species

Oxycnemis advena

Oxycnemis new species 1

Oxycnemis fusimacula




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Oxycnemis new species 2