Noctuidae - Psaphidinae - Triocnemidini




Oxycnemis fusimacula Smith

Oxycnemis fusimacula Smith, 1902, Jour. New York Ent. Soc., 10: 50.

Diagnosis: Oxycnemis fusimacula is a light gray species with a powdery, streaky appearance. It may be distinguished from the other two species in the genus by the laterally elongate orbicular spot of the forewing. The antemedial line has a distinctive tooth projecting into the claviform spot. The veins in the postmedial region of the hindwing are strongly black contrasting with the the light gray ground color. The male genitalia are similar to those of advena but the clasper is larger than in either of the other two species, advena and Oxycnemis new species 0001, where the clasper is reduced to a barely preceptable knob.


Identification Quality: Excellent

Larva: The larva has been described by Crumb (1956).

Foodplants: The larva was reared from the shrub Krameria parvifolia (Apiaceae).

Oxycnemis fusimacula

Easily identified by the elongate orbicular in the forewing.

Similar Species

Oxycnemis advena

Oxycnemis new species 0001